Artem Kopylov

We’ve had our online store but we were never satisfied with the admin panel of it and a store updating was a troublesome. We decided to change shopping cart software and went with OpenCart e-commerce. Then we found a professional OpenCart developer Nikita from Rubika. He presented a new look for our shop, and we really like it. Website redesign went smoothly and our new website now mobile friendly and we can easily make all desired updates. Recommending Rubika as website design provider to all my friends.

Eugene, Siphouse

The modern realities of business development are such that without a beautiful and intuitive website, developing your business is almost impossible.

We’ve been lucky to meet Rubika web development team. We liked their portfolio, and they actually offered fast website delivery, high quality work, and offered us attractive price option. They adapted all the requirements and whims of our marketing director and translated it into attractive web pages.

Rubika guys were very helpful on every stage of website creation and gave us great hints on proper marketing strategies for our new website.

Also, a special thanks from our website admins, they really like website backend and admin tools.

PS Special thanks to Nikita who was a key person in our website development. Within three weeks time we’ve began to get more and more requests from our website and our sales department were very happy.

Alexey Rechkin

Found RUBIKA guys on the Internet while looking for CMS OpenCart custom modules. The impression was that those guys know what they do and have enough experience to develop an elaborate online store for our business. Without thinking twice we’ve decided to order the development services from Rubika. In the course of the work we became convinced of the competence and professionalism of the Rubika team and were very satisfied with the quality, timing and affordable price. Would recommend their services to everyone!

Dmitry Vyhovsky

We’ve requested the development of an online store from Rubika. The Rubika team was able to satisfy all our requests and create a site that met all our expectations. Rubika’s support team is ready to help at any stage and after sale support is great.


On behalf of Esense I would like to expresses our gratitude to Rubika Team for developing our portfolio website. Rubika guys worked very well, quickly and as a result we’ve got an adaptive and modern website. The site has become the main tool in marketing our products. To all those who want to have an advanced and great quality website which generates revenue, you should contact Rubika!


Some buyers in the retail stores have started to take an interest in our website in order to get more information about the full range of our products. We though that time to update website has come, but we had no facility to expand it. So we called Rubika guys, they came to us, and explained everything about online catalogues and shopping cart, showed us examples, and we started to work together. The design was done quickly and nicely, taking into account all the requirements, but the development was a little slow due to the large amount of extra functionalities we wanted to implement. At the end we were satisfied with the results.


Stanislav Filatovych

For a long time I wanted an online catalog of jewelry for my workshop. I was looking for designers and developers for a long time until I was advised to approach Rubika. You did everything quickly and beautifully. Thank you!

Konstantin Varaksin

We’ve decided to make a corporate website for our company… Initially we dealt with other developers, but at the end we received an unacceptable product. The site had many bugs and was not looking good on different devices, everything stretched around and looked unattractive. We found Rubika and it turned to be a perfect match! They made our website quickly and efficiently. The site is beautiful (especially we liked the color palette) and dynamic, nice animations are used everywhere and everything works fast! Thank you so much!

Tatyana Kotusova,

Feedback on a wholesale online leather goods web store development

Michael Lisicin

While dealing with Rubika website development company we were pleased with the professional dealings and the final outcome. They have created clean and attractive website, listened to our requirements and our refreshed website is reflecting industry look and feel.

Anna Holod

Our site became dated and I decided to approach a friend of mine, the designer Danila. He made some nice designs. Then he advised me to deal with Rubika when it comes to website creation. So I did. I was surprised how the dealt with my website, the job was done on the highest level, it was cool. Thank you guys!

Yuri Borodin

We were looking for a team that would create a high-quality website for our products. We picked Rubika Web Development team. They did their work promptly, and most importantly with understanding what we really wanted.

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