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IVK Technika Co 'Teknika Group'

The goal

Online store development for the packaging company

E-commerce catalogue using OpenCart for award winning packaging company IVK Technika Co ‘Teknika Group’.

Teknika Group already had a site that needed modernization due to its inconsistency. Their previous website was not responsive, was not adapted to mobile devises. Rubika offered complete redesign taking into account all the modern requirements for e-commerce sites using most popular OpenCart online software.

Online store development for the packaging company
Online store development for the packaging company

We also created special 301 redirects for already indexed old pages to preserve indexation.

Another important task was the grouping of goods into specific sub-groups, as well as other additional parameters for products:

  • Multiplicity – allows you to set the multiplicity of purchases for each product, for example, 1.5 or 0.75 units
  • Units of measure – because different goods can be measured not only in grams but in kg., etc.
  • Availability of the price – some products do not have fixed price therefore a feedback form is displayed for them
  • Specific Email Address – depending on the goods in the basket and their quantity, the order is sent to the correct department
  • Noindex – the ability to prohibit certain pages of the site from being indexed;

Also, when creating the site, a section called “Rubricator” was developed, which allows you to select products according to their type of use. Website supports three languages: Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Project team

Project Manager:
Nikita Spivak
Alexey Sendetsky
Inna Prisenko, Nikita Spivak
Nikita Spivak
Project address:

Alexey Rechkin

Found RUBIKA guys on the Internet while looking for CMSย OpenCart custom modules. The impression was that thoseย guys know what they do and have enough experience to develop an elaborate online store for our business. Without thinking twice we’ve decided to order the development services from Rubika. In the course of the work we became convinced of the competence and professionalism of the Rubika team and were very satisfied with the quality, timing and affordable price. Would recommendย their services to everyone!

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