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Car Music Shop

The goal

Creating an auto audio store

Goal: to create a busy online store Car Music Shop.

We’ve changed look and feel of the site, previously the dark theme was used and website was too busy and not easy to navigate through. The old site was not responsive as well…

Car Music Shop has a large audience of customers and a wide range of products, we’ve used different filters to sort products and categories.

Our team has developed a new design of the store which is now looking fresh and dynamic. Website is user-friendly, equipped with a caching system that allows website to handle high loads of web hits.

Creating an auto audio store
Creating an auto audio store

Project team

Project Manager:
Nikita Spivak
Cyril Atmachidi
Alena Gorbacheva, Andrey Makarov, Nikita Spivak
Nikita Spivak
Project Address:

Yuri Borodin

We were looking for a team that would create a high-quality website for our products. We picked Rubika Web Development team. They did their work promptly, and most importantly with understanding what we really wanted.

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