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Sport-Factor LLC.

The goal

Creating an online sports nutrition store

Purpose: to create a new online store for sports nutrition products.

The main task in the development of sports nutrition online store was the grouping of products according to flavors and weight. We manage to solve the grouping problem as well as many other small tasks with variable parameters.

Creating an online sports nutrition store
Creating an online sports nutrition store

Responsive Website

Online store is based on responsive OpenCart grid, it has good and professional look.

Another important task was the creation of a discount system. We’ve managed to implement a shopping basket with variable products with different discounts.

The comments system was further developed:

  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Responses to comments – allowing buyers to communicate
  • Subscription for updates on answers – for the user to receive a notification in the mail if someone responds to his/her comment
  • Likes and Dislikes for each comment

Project team

Project Manager:
Nikita Spivak
Aleksey Sendetskiy
Inna Prisenko, Nikita Spivak
Nikita Spivak
Project Address:


Some buyers in the retail stores have started to take an interest in our website in order to get more information about the full range of our products. We though that time to update website has come, but we had no facility to expand it. So we called Rubika guys, they came to us, and explained everything about online catalogues and shopping cart, showed us examples, and we started to work together. The design was done quickly and nicely, taking into account all the requirements, but the development was a little slow due to the large amount of extra functionalities we wanted to implement. At the end we were satisfied with the results.


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