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The goal

Creating a dynamic website of a telecommunications company

Goal: Create a dynamic information site for your Lancom Internet provider.

Project team

Project manager:
Nikita Spivak
Aleksey Sendetskiy
Inna Prisenko, Nikita Spivak
Nikita Spivak
Project address:

Konstantin Varaksin

We’ve decided to make a corporate website for our company… Initially we dealt with other developers, but at the end we received an unacceptable product. The site had many bugs and was not looking good on different devices, everything stretched around and looked unattractive. We found Rubika and it turned to be a perfect match! They made our website quickly and efficiently. The site is beautiful (especially we liked the color palette) and dynamic, nice animations are used everywhere and everything works fast! Thank you so much!

Disscuss a project

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